About Us

About Glitz Pharma

Inception 2005 - Glitz Pharma is situated in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. We are established pharmaceutical concern involved in manufacturing of variety of formulations catering major therapeutic areas. We are committed to produce supreme Quality products by the strict compliance of the rules of cGMP, by application of WHO guidelines and the clauses of ISO 9001:2015 in all aspects of manufacturing of Glitz Pharma products. We Have Registered 291 Products with Ministry of Health Pakistan. Glitz Marketing Team is well equipped with Professional Marketers who are present in all areas of Pakistan, promoting Glitz Products as Brand Leaders. We, at “Glitz” have a strong commitment towards humanity for delivering quality products at affordable prices & to continuously improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System.
We have a firm belief,“Quality reflected in the finished products has to be created from the very start”.
   We consistently plan, implement, monitor and review the steps and procedures to improve on the quality of our materials, processes, equipments and human resources. Our products comply with the high standards required by the authorities, institutions and even more importantly by ourselves. We have technical collaboration and licensing arrangement with the renowned European pharmaceutical manufacturers.
    At, “Glitz” for us, there is no higher priority than enhancing the quality of life of our people by providing best care-oriented medications, produced under a strict managed environment, and for this “Glitz” has grown from strength to strength in the last few years, as the long term vision and strategy of the Management has come to fruition.