Company Policy

Core Company Policy

"Quality reflected in the finished products has to be created from the very start."

We consistently plan, implement, monitor and review the steps and procedures to improve on the quality of our materials, processes, equipments and human resources. Our products comply with the high standards required by the authorities, institutions and even more importantly by ourselves.
Leaving behind originators, some of Glitz's brands enjoy leadership and dominance in important therapeutic areas like Rheumatology, anti infective, narcotic analgesics etc.


→ By adopting leading edge practices, developing our people and focusing on performance, we will ensure Glitz benefits from a secure source of supply of high quality products.
→ Compliance with regulatory requirements and customer expectations Best in class cost.


→ To be a highly competent business at introducing new products to be a sustainable, low cost manufacturer & supplier to allow us to compete in all markets.
→ Support the commercial ambition of Glitz.