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Glitz Pharma’s Journey: Innovating Healthcare for a Better World

2005: Founded with a mission to improve healthcare outcomes through the development of new drugs and treatments

2005: Introduces its first product, an antibiotic for treatment of bacterial infections

2007: Expands globally, establishing offices in Afghanistan to deliver innovative treatments and therapies to patients across borders

2017: Raises the bar in quality control with a state-of-the-art department and sets a new benchmark for excellence in the pharmaceutical industry Research & Development: Undertakes a groundbreaking research initiative to develop new treatments and therapies for areas not explored in Pakistan before

2017: Demonstrates technological advancement and operational efficiency with the sourcing of exclusive machines for production 2018: Completes construction of a state-of-the-art sterile Cephalosporin plant for the highest standards of quality and safety

2021: solidifying its reputation as a market leader in Psychiatry medicine 2021-2022: Engages in philanthropic activities, donating a substantial amount to support humanitarian causes during the Covid pandemic and 2022 flood in Pakistan

2021: Registers with Duns & Bradstreet, highlighting the company’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of customers, stakeholders, and investors alike

Present: Continues to innovate and lead the way in the development of new treatments and therapies, with a focus on improving the lives of patients around the world.

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